Nyx Lingerie Matte Gloss

Shipped! I made my order for a few of the Nyx Lingerie Matte Lip-glosses just yesterday and I checked the status today and it said it shipped! I'm anticipating whole heartedly that the matte glosses I've purchased relay as perfect dupes on my lips against Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner's glosses. Their packaging is even … Continue reading Nyx Lingerie Matte Gloss



I'm full of mixed emotions right now. My worst nightmare is coming to reality and I didn't even know it. The most amazing person that I've ever met in my entire lifetime is about to go soon. All I do is pray the Lord that my grandpa is there with Him. Last night, my father … Continue reading Lost


I work every day sitting in my safe little cubicle, working my 9-5, patiently waiting that paycheck every 2 weeks. I don't have all the guts in the world to live a different life that would allow me more use of my time and most of my time is spent doing work whether it's when I'm … Continue reading Blessed