Life is..

I realize recently I spent most of my time pondering, wondering, trying to piece together things that never made sense. Sometimes I’d obsess over things that I had no control over and this time around, although my mind would bounce back and forth between skeptical thoughts, I realize some things are just meant to be put to rest.

Emotions are not exactly an enemy but I consider it as kryptonite. I think after having had my parents over, me being 3 years deep into motherhood, had me speaking from a different perspective. Not only was I speaking from a different perspective than my teenage self but I was also observing as a different person.

I’ve recently applied many things that I learned in the year 2016. What good is it to hear all these quotes, share all this knowledge, and talk about being a woman of God without being or following the very advice we all seem to know and share with one another? I started to understand the truth of what I preach by being and acting on what I preach.

I feel like all of us are unable to see our own flaws but what a crazy realization it is when you really are aware of them and when you’re actively trying to improve on them. I just feel like now I understand certain things about myself; now I’m seeing how certain things I consider toxic enough to need to change and now am actively doing to change on it.

I feel like so many things that I went through led me to this moment somehow. I now truly feel enlightened about these recent discoveries and enriched to the point of having applied certain things to my life that allowed the Universe to give me more than I ever thought I could get. What I have is what I have always wanted. I waited and fought hard for what I knew I was about to receive and not only because I was patient but I feel because somehow my third eye opened and allowed me to make changes on things that would allow better outcomes.


Martha D

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Currently living in Ohio with my small little family, exploring the beauty of life and sharing my experiences, growth, and health journey.

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