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So I know way earlier in probably 2016 is when I bought the YL Essential Oils kit. Now to let you know, although I signed on to be a distributor I have had to let the process go because of work and other obligations so I did not stay on as a distributor, however, I did end up not finding my purchase to be a loss.

Basically we ran into a few problems since the start of 2017 which pretty much put a hault on our plans to go to Myrtle Beach this year but since Olivia was born and having really little to barely any help, has put a strain on our finances. Lately things have been easing up like having her potty trained and not having to buy diapers and wipes, as well as when she turned 1, not having to buy anymore formula. I only pumped for probably at most 2 months before I decided to go with formula. Breast feeding is not easy to say the least but she was still supplemented. Ontop of having a child and believing in not always needing to look to medicinal remedies, I’ve embraced the idea of natural remedies. Not ALL I have considered I need to resolve with natural remedies but for things like a cold or cough, I’ve decided to buy the YL kit.

So I had managed to muster some creativity or inspiration somehow over the weekend that motivated me to do a few projects. I sat down and painted with my little girl, I sketched a little and later on decided to make a little DIY shampoo. It came out not having much of a fragrance after a little hair drying but my hair did feel soft and felt just so clean. I was pretty happy about that. I was just so glad I got to tell you guys what I used it for and I made a shampoo using the peppermint, lemon, and coconut oil&milk recipe.

Other than that, I am still just doing what I enjoy keeping in mind responsibilities and learning what are the things that keep me at peace. Indulging myself in such hobbies have helped me just in general. Life can get stressful, no matter how you depict your life on social media or in person. Every one goes through hard times, the point is just to focus on the things that make us feel alive in midst of these problems. I recommend people to find any light in the mistakes or in the sad days because without them, I would not have the happiness I’ve been able to obtain today.

My relationship with my S.O. has improved exponentially. The relationship with myself has too. Not only that but I’ve felt at peace with people regardless of the things that they do. It’s hard to forgive anything or anyone when you don’t really read the Bible and aren’t really very religious to know the specific reasons why but sometimes I feel in my heart how much I appreciate having Jehova in my heart or trying to come in based on my own actions of listening to my heart.

I’m about to be 27 this year and I’ve never felt so accomplished in my life. I graduated to obtain my associates this year and am headed to finish a BA before 35 at least. I had no idea the way my life was going to be until each day became a learning experience. I’ve understood my flaws and have been more aware of controlling my own emotions and flaws. It’s hard to grow up or to think that you’re less than perfect but as long as we know there’s always something to improve on, we will always progress. Complacency is the enemy and I’ve realized much of that after leaving my previous position.

The year has come with problems and stress but I feel lucky to say that this year will also come with blessings, one of which I hope happens sooner than later (this will come up on social media when it does). I don’t want to talk too well about him before he becomes a target lol! Jokes aside, I’ve never known how much of a man he is until he knew he had to be one for me and Olivia, not just that but a great leader. I’ve never met anyone with such a kind soul underneath it all and because of that I will always love him.

So far lately, that’s all that’s going on with me. Stay posted, I’ll try to create some to-do articles with positivity, how to be aware of your flaws, and compatability with zodiac signs. Those are my favorites to talk about. After last year, I learned how much it’s so much better as a woman, to befriend another woman I don’t know and instead of taking the HS approach, I confronted conflict with love and open mindedness, which in turn resulted in love and open mindedness.

Thanks guys for continuing to read my posts.



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Currently living in Ohio with my small little family, exploring the beauty of life and sharing my experiences, growth, and health journey.

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