30 Days and 10″ down!

So I’m not exactly sure when I last told you about beginning my experience with Herbalife but currently I have lost 2 pounds and 10 inches and this not doing much exercise!

So before I begin I need to say this, I initially heard about Herbalife a few years ago but read many not so great reviews about it that made me second guess that and not even bother to try it. Later I heard it about a year ago where I knew someone who received a few samples of Herbalife and I said I would prefer to do my best to work it off by myself with eating healthy and working it out.

I didn’t realize back then that my whole nutrition habits were a mess. I did eat as healthy as I could by eliminating bread, rice, and starchy food (corn, potatoes, etc) from my diet beforehand but I would find myself indulging in my night cravings which didn’t help my progress and also I wasn’t working out as hard as I was when I started to get healthy.

So I said to myself finally, after a mutual friend had used Herbalife and displayed her 60 day progress, I’m like maybe I should try it.

Now mind you, I had all the questions in my head like will this be the right choice or not? Or questions from the ingredients to the enhancers, etc. but nevertheless I decided I should just take that next step.

So finally I asked about it, very hesitant and unsure but once I asked a few questions and got some answers, I decided why not just try it. I tried to order it on my own to find what’s “cheaper” but it turns out FYI listen to your potential coach! I should’ve gotten the protein, multivitamin, and shake. I was so much more interested in the tea that I failed realized what the real combinations are for the Herbalife programs.

Well 1 month or so later with my discount as a preferred member I must say the investment in myself has been positive. I did feel the difference in my energy levels, the support, ease, loss of weight and even the satisfying variety in my daily life with Herbalife.

I can always answer any questions if there are any!



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Currently living in Ohio with my small little family, exploring the beauty of life and sharing my experiences, growth, and health journey.

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