Changes are here and they’re always welcomed.

Hey guys,

I’m back now with my thoughts, welcoming a new era of myself. I had been broken down in 2019. I have survived and allowed myself to welcome negativity throughout it. I woke up again.

I woke up, particularly this morning, simply staring at the ceiling. Waves of indigo and yellow glossed over as I continued to allow my gaze to continue and allow the beautiful colors to continue. It was one of the most lucid moments I’ve had. Aware of the aura that moved in the ceiling and wondering how beautiful it was to see. I was delighted by the fact that it was there and my meditative state allowed a few minutes of indulgence of the energy to surge.

I finally focused my eyes to the ceiling and the waves of colors stopped. I sat up and still wondered how beautiful that moment was. I thought, I should meditate more often. It was a nice moment not to think about anything.

So here I am again, back to the routine of taking more care of myself. For a moment, I thought to myself as lonely. Now I realize that the company I am is the best company I’ll have if I treat her right. It has been a long process and I’ve allowed myself to break down. I wanted to let myself truly surrender to the moments I’ve brought about in my life and I did. I have experienced what I needed to and no questions fill my mind as it used to.

Luckily life happened on its own. I had spent the best last 2 months of my life, feeling no sense of anxiety and knowing what it’s like for one part of my life to fall apart and shed from me like skin. I felt initially a sense of acceptance, then a sense of grief, and soon into recovery. I found a light at the end of the tunnel. I nourished it and accepted it. I protected it as much as possible. This healing was important to me. I started to take mental notes of what was bringing me the bad energy and what was bringing me the good energy. I took into account to truly pay attention to what was hurting and what was helping.

Some people around me taught me plenty. I just came into realization that leadership and truly working towards success is a lonely path and it’s meant to be. Some people come into your life and they will love you but they, although with their best intentions, can block you from your blessings.

When there’s a voice inside, screaming at you, telling you something that you need to know or do, listen. That is what is called your intuition. I had to shut her off a few times but I listened to her the last few times and found it to be right and true. I have been more inviting of her lately. I’ve been letting my intuition tell me what it needs to and laying out the possibilities.

I am meant for more and no one can tell me otherwise. I feel it in deepest parts of my soul how much more I can be to the world and I haven’t figured what that is quite yet but once I do I will be full force on it. There is a reason why 2019 although rough, gave me the best blessings I could receive in 2020. The harder you WORK, the BETTER the results. Don’t give up and don’t allow circumstances to get in the way of your inner work and blessings.

Always trust yourself to know that YOU know what’s best for YOU. Don’t shut off your inner voice. It is saying something that KNOWS you beyond your conscious thoughts. It will guide you the best way possible that will align you with what you want in the future. The more you listen, the better off you’ll be. Continue to look into a perspective of what is and not what you think. So far, this has been my guide and it has been helping me realign with myself through and through and reject what does not help me be my better self.



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Currently living in Ohio with my small little family, exploring the beauty of life and sharing my experiences, growth, and health journey.

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