Today’s Supply Run

I mean if one thing was taught about this situation for me is how much heightened emotions can play a part into one’s decision making. We have very good reason to be in fear but at the same time, this fear made me sad.

This virus still lingers and I’ve spent most of my days at home. I’ve had to adjust recreating an office environment which I am grateful for, considering this is not an option nor opportunity that a lot of people have.

A lot of folks currently had to be let go and are out of a job. So not only are these people faced with the realization of possibly dying from a disease, there is the possibility of dying of stress or poverty. This has caused many to really decide what the next step is to stay alive as best as possible.

Walking around fear was all I saw. People doing what they can to survive. There’s colored marking tape instructing people to stay as far away from each other as possible. This is a shock to society, not in just the economic changes we are facing but is a shock to our social and emotional psyche. It feels surreal and still unreal to me that I can’t just go out and see a friend, meet up colleagues for happy hour, or do the things that feel so routine and mundane to me. We are all now afraid to breathe in each other’s space and afraid to touch each other. Touch- what a human natural process that has felt stripped away, out of fear of the virus spreading. Things we never really paid attention to before, we pay attention to now.

It makes you really take a look back and have a sense of gratitude.

With this time that I’ve spent at home, I’ve with intention made it a point to make it as productive as possible. I won’t spend each day not accomplishing something, or fulfilling some purpose I have. Even if in the smallest of ways. After my grocery run today, I was in and out. I made no eye contact. I was still happy to see someone smile and of course, I smiled back but now we’re all suspicious of each other and untrusting. I found things and also seen things I thought someone may find useful and informed my online community what can be found if they needed it.

Luckily some places allowed for certain things to happen such as curbside pickup.

Nonetheless, it’s a Saturday. A day to take a break from reality. We tried to make our day as normal and as fun as possible. Since we are in this bubble, we might as well make the best of it. That’s all we can do as a society, make the best of it.

Love you all and stay safe,


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Currently living in Ohio with my small little family, exploring the beauty of life and sharing my experiences, growth, and health journey.

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