30 Days and 10″ down!

So I’m not exactly sure when I last told you about beginning my experience with Herbalife but currently I have lost 2 pounds and 10 inches and this not doing much exercise!

So before I begin I need to say this, I initially heard about Herbalife a few years ago but read many not so great reviews about it that made me second guess that and not even bother to try it. Later I heard it about a year ago where I knew someone who received a few samples of Herbalife and I said I would prefer to do my best to work it off by myself with eating healthy and working it out.

I didn’t realize back then that my whole nutrition habits were a mess. I did eat as healthy as I could by eliminating bread, rice, and starchy food (corn, potatoes, etc) from my diet beforehand but I would find myself indulging in my night cravings which didn’t help my progress and also I wasn’t working out as hard as I was when I started to get healthy.

So I said to myself finally, after a mutual friend had used Herbalife and displayed her 60 day progress, I’m like maybe I should try it.

Now mind you, I had all the questions in my head like will this be the right choice or not? Or questions from the ingredients to the enhancers, etc. but nevertheless I decided I should just take that next step.

So finally I asked about it, very hesitant and unsure but once I asked a few questions and got some answers, I decided why not just try it. I tried to order it on my own to find what’s “cheaper” but it turns out FYI listen to your potential coach! I should’ve gotten the protein, multivitamin, and shake. I was so much more interested in the tea that I failed realized what the real combinations are for the Herbalife programs.

Well 1 month or so later with my discount as a preferred member I must say the investment in myself has been positive. I did feel the difference in my energy levels, the support, ease, loss of weight and even the satisfying variety in my daily life with Herbalife.

I can always answer any questions if there are any!



New Plan

So as a lot that know me may know, I have lost a good amount of weight since I gave birth to my daughter. Currently I’m sure I’m around 150 lbs meanwhile I used to be at 207 lbs at some point. So right now my goal is to be like 140-144 which to me is ideal. I won’t be skinny and I won’t be “overweight” per the BMI chart.

I just recently made an Herbalife purchase and at first not wanting to take any short cuts or breaks decided, let me jump start the process and get started somewhere. Hopefully this will help give me the push I need. Sometimes I’ll stay super consistent and eat healthy but sometimes like on days that I forget to drink water, I pretty much let loose.

Maybe with this new plan, I’ll get to lose the remaining amount of weight that has been sticking onto me for so long within the next 2 months. I’m trying so hard to be productive and not lazy and also have a good time in a bathing suit this summer without feeling uncomfortable. I know I’m not there yet but I do know I’m damn sure close!

Pretty excited to start this new journey. So far that was the only highlight of my day.



Latest projects 

So I know way earlier in probably 2016 is when I bought the YL Essential Oils kit. Now to let you know, although I signed on to be a distributor I have had to let the process go because of work and other obligations so I did not stay on as a distributor, however, I did end up not finding my purchase to be a loss.

Basically we ran into a few problems since the start of 2017 which pretty much put a hault on our plans to go to Myrtle Beach this year but since Olivia was born and having really little to barely any help, has put a strain on our finances. Lately things have been easing up like having her potty trained and not having to buy diapers and wipes, as well as when she turned 1, not having to buy anymore formula. I only pumped for probably at most 2 months before I decided to go with formula. Breast feeding is not easy to say the least but she was still supplemented. Ontop of having a child and believing in not always needing to look to medicinal remedies, I’ve embraced the idea of natural remedies. Not ALL I have considered I need to resolve with natural remedies but for things like a cold or cough, I’ve decided to buy the YL kit.

So I had managed to muster some creativity or inspiration somehow over the weekend that motivated me to do a few projects. I sat down and painted with my little girl, I sketched a little and later on decided to make a little DIY shampoo. It came out not having much of a fragrance after a little hair drying but my hair did feel soft and felt just so clean. I was pretty happy about that. I was just so glad I got to tell you guys what I used it for and I made a shampoo using the peppermint, lemon, and coconut oil&milk recipe.

Other than that, I am still just doing what I enjoy keeping in mind responsibilities and learning what are the things that keep me at peace. Indulging myself in such hobbies have helped me just in general. Life can get stressful, no matter how you depict your life on social media or in person. Every one goes through hard times, the point is just to focus on the things that make us feel alive in midst of these problems. I recommend people to find any light in the mistakes or in the sad days because without them, I would not have the happiness I’ve been able to obtain today.

My relationship with my S.O. has improved exponentially. The relationship with myself has too. Not only that but I’ve felt at peace with people regardless of the things that they do. It’s hard to forgive anything or anyone when you don’t really read the Bible and aren’t really very religious to know the specific reasons why but sometimes I feel in my heart how much I appreciate having Jehova in my heart or trying to come in based on my own actions of listening to my heart.

I’m about to be 27 this year and I’ve never felt so accomplished in my life. I graduated to obtain my associates this year and am headed to finish a BA before 35 at least. I had no idea the way my life was going to be until each day became a learning experience. I’ve understood my flaws and have been more aware of controlling my own emotions and flaws. It’s hard to grow up or to think that you’re less than perfect but as long as we know there’s always something to improve on, we will always progress. Complacency is the enemy and I’ve realized much of that after leaving my previous position.

The year has come with problems and stress but I feel lucky to say that this year will also come with blessings, one of which I hope happens sooner than later (this will come up on social media when it does). I don’t want to talk too well about him before he becomes a target lol! Jokes aside, I’ve never known how much of a man he is until he knew he had to be one for me and Olivia, not just that but a great leader. I’ve never met anyone with such a kind soul underneath it all and because of that I will always love him.

So far lately, that’s all that’s going on with me. Stay posted, I’ll try to create some to-do articles with positivity, how to be aware of your flaws, and compatability with zodiac signs. Those are my favorites to talk about. After last year, I learned how much it’s so much better as a woman, to befriend another woman I don’t know and instead of taking the HS approach, I confronted conflict with love and open mindedness, which in turn resulted in love and open mindedness.

Thanks guys for continuing to read my posts.



Life is..

I realize recently I spent most of my time pondering, wondering, trying to piece together things that never made sense. Sometimes I’d obsess over things that I had no control over and this time around, although my mind would bounce back and forth between skeptical thoughts, I realize some things are just meant to be put to rest.

Emotions are not exactly an enemy but I consider it as kryptonite. I think after having had my parents over, me being 3 years deep into motherhood, had me speaking from a different perspective. Not only was I speaking from a different perspective than my teenage self but I was also observing as a different person.

I’ve recently applied many things that I learned in the year 2016. What good is it to hear all these quotes, share all this knowledge, and talk about being a woman of God without being or following the very advice we all seem to know and share with one another? I started to understand the truth of what I preach by being and acting on what I preach.

I feel like all of us are unable to see our own flaws but what a crazy realization it is when you really are aware of them and when you’re actively trying to improve on them. I just feel like now I understand certain things about myself; now I’m seeing how certain things I consider toxic enough to need to change and now am actively doing to change on it.

I feel like so many things that I went through led me to this moment somehow. I now truly feel enlightened about these recent discoveries and enriched to the point of having applied certain things to my life that allowed the Universe to give me more than I ever thought I could get. What I have is what I have always wanted. I waited and fought hard for what I knew I was about to receive and not only because I was patient but I feel because somehow my third eye opened and allowed me to make changes on things that would allow better outcomes.


Martha D

Nyx Lingerie Matte Gloss


I made my order for a few of the Nyx Lingerie Matte Lip-glosses just yesterday and I checked the status today and it said it shipped! I’m anticipating whole heartedly that the matte glosses I’ve purchased relay as perfect dupes on my lips against Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner’s glosses. Their packaging is even similar.

I’ve bought one out of sheer curiosity and experimenting to see how it would look and feel on my lips and I absolutely love it! At first though, I had not put on chap stick and when I put it on, it just came on sticky and weird but when I realized I had to smooth out my lips by peeling dead skin off either with a sugar lip scrub or chap stick, that’s when I put on the matte gloss and it just slid on perfectly well.

Just can’t wait for these to come through. Will be doing swatches as soon as possible 🙂



I’m full of mixed emotions right now.

My worst nightmare is coming to reality and I didn’t even know it. The most amazing person that I’ve ever met in my entire lifetime is about to go soon. All I do is pray the Lord that my grandpa is there with Him.

Last night, my father posted a Facebook post stating his dad wants to dance (in Spanish) and is hoping he doesn’t go soon. I immediately felt stunned and worried, I had to call them to find out if they’re okay.

Not the best way to greet me but my dad pretty much told me you finally call when someone is about to die. I was taken aback by such a remark. I understand he’s trying to cope with the death of his own dad, but what sense does it make to push me away? I suppressed my disappointment and just replied in monotone, unsure of how to sound or what to say. I didn’t make it a point to turn the situation over to myself even though that hurt me pretty bad.

I’ve learned to take a lot of that growing up, the why do you cares, or oh you’re there. The apathetic emotions that grew into me. I’ve let those emotions take me over and now I’m not who I used to be.

But the one person who cared about me, sung to me and my sister, always loved us and tried to preach God to us as much as he can, is about to leave the Earth spiritually and physically. I feel like my world just got a little bit darker. All the lights in my head and in my heart are dimming. I feel the shine dulling. I feel as empty as can be.

The worst part is my mind, my heart, and body fight against itself to get me how to react and understand in general what I’m feeling. I feel lost and upset but I also feel acceptance. My grandfather is old and we all knew the time would be near since his last stroke. Overall, however, I feel numb most of all. I now envy people who are able to feel pain. I can feel it in brief glimpses of my life but they’re so brief it never lasts long. I’ve tried to feel hurt or emotional to let it out but my eyes refused to let out anymore tears.

Right now, I’m aware that my grandpa is in the hospital, in a coma. He has been considered brain dead. The doctor asked them because he is no longer able to breathe on his own, if they want to open him up and manually get him breathing.

The last thing I heard is my grandma and my dad are deciding to pull the plug.

It scares me now ,the reality of what moving on means to my life after this. I hope that all the words my grandpa has preached to me will instill in me or somehow God will awaken in my soul.

My dad said he felt guilty of the way he’s treated him beforehand and I know at some point we will always feel guilty about the things we’ve done to others, especially ones that we love. That is why I have to figure out ways to love as hard as I can, as much as I can. Regain the ability to feel my emotions with no fear so that I won’t find myself feeling guilty of not loving the ones I love, hard enough before they go.

With a heavy heart,

-Martha Donis