Weekend Festivities

Hey guys,

So we just got back from Cleveland on Sunday and spent most of it just around town. It appears the goal was to attend the Puerto Rican parade and let me tell you, there is no culture more proud and loud than Puerto Rican people. Every 3 vehicles that we passed by had a Puerto Rican flag hanging out and it was to the point where my child wanted to join in those festivities.

For the most part we weren’t able to be physical at the parade but we got lucky enough to enjoy the culture in other forms. In the first picture above reflects the picture taken at the Campus Grille restaurant which serves amazing Puerto Rican food.

IMG_0048Of course we couldn’t leave without stopping by one of our favorite Herbalife shops. The one we go to is Westpark Nutrition. They serve amazing shakes and teas. Afterwards we hit the gym right next to the Nutrition Club.

It was a perfectly relaxing weekend filled with shopping for school supplies and filled with coming up with back to school ideas.

Anyway, not much else to report. Just now exploring different ways to improve the content. Let me know if you have any feedback! 🙂



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Currently living in Ohio with my small little family, exploring the beauty of life and sharing my experiences, growth, and health journey.

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