Nyx Lingerie Matte Gloss


I made my order for a few of the Nyx Lingerie Matte Lip-glosses just yesterday and I checked the status today and it said it shipped! I’m anticipating whole heartedly that the matte glosses I’ve purchased relay as perfect dupes on my lips against Jeffree Star and Kylie Jenner’s glosses. Their packaging is even similar.

I’ve bought one out of sheer curiosity and experimenting to see how it would look and feel on my lips and I absolutely love it! At first though, I had not put on chap stick and when I put it on, it just came on sticky and weird but when I realized I had to smooth out my lips by peeling dead skin off either with a sugar lip scrub or chap stick, that’s when I put on the matte gloss and it just slid on perfectly well.

Just can’t wait for these to come through. Will be doing swatches as soon as possible 🙂


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